Looking for (tech) recommendations on courses or learning resources for non-tech PM. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

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Great question! Curious if @dianasaur323 @katestatton @maddux @sagunagoel has any insights!
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Awesome! As a systems engineer and information scientist who built my career in UX & PM, these are the things that I find most valuable in collaborating with software developers on their level:- Relationship database modeling - understand how different objects and attributes relate to each other so you can talk to them about the backend, how stuff is stored, and the types of features/relationships you can design based on that.- Object Oriented Programming THINKING - so not a specific coding language, but actually refreshing on If(), while() , for() - if you can talk about your features and functionality in these ways then you're going to be more clearly understood.- Unified Modeling Language - I believe my ability to draw system diagrams, activity diagrams and write out clear use cases leaves no confusion or assumptions-to-be-made on the table with developers.I'm here for anyone that wants to pick up these skills: http://www.lindsayt.com/talk-to-lindsay
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I don't have any good advice here personally - although I know you can find so much great content on LinkedIn Learning and O'Reily. I also work with a great technical coach who helps PM's become tech savvy - let me know if you want an introduction.
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Would love to learn more about the technical coach! Thank you. Please DM me :)
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https://www.linkedin.com/learning/technology-for-product-managers/ is one that I am thinking of starting on soon as a PM with a non-technical background