Looking for Software Engineering Referrals- Community Help

🌟 Hello ELPHA Community! 🌟

I'm reaching out to this incredible network of talented women during a challenging yet hopeful time in my career. After over 5 years at SAP, where I had the opportunity to grow from a backend developer to a more versatile role involving both back-end and front-end engineering, I find myself looking for new opportunities due to a recent layoff.

A few notable moments-

✅I spearheaded the upgrade of 3000+ customers to a new platform version, enhancing user experiences.

✅Reduced customer inquiries by 25% through developing a new UI component.

✅ Led the scrum of a cross-functional team to optimize core APIs, significantly improving performance management systems.

💻Technical skills include Java, Python, SQL, and front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and React, among others.

I’m currently on a visa and actively seeking roles as a Senior Software Engineer or Software Engineer III. I am open to opportunities across various industries and am eager to bring my expertise to a new team. If anyone knows of openings or can offer guidance, I’d be grateful for your support and connections. Open to virtual coffee chats, DMs, referrals and anything in between 🙌🏻

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for any leads or advice you can share.

Warm regards,

Sai Supraja Malla

@michellevolberg started a company called Twill ( - maybe you can take a look and ask folks to recommend you for roles!
Thank you!! Will check this out.