Finding a decent / affordable rental as a digital nomad

Hi Community. I have been living as a digital nomad for the past year and the one thing that causes me the most stress is finding a suitable and affordable place to rent, a home away from home.

Recently, a retired couple I met on one of my travels told me about several Home Exchange platforms. I tried them and found it time-consuming and complicated to find a home based on the particular dates of my travels.

Just recently, I came across Kindred and right away I was impressed by their due diligence and on-boarding process.

If you have a place and looking to exchange with others, this is for you. What I like most is that it’s a members-only club with high demand and a waitlist. They do their work to make sure only serious people are on the platform.

If you are not willing to post your home in exchange with others, this is not for you.

You can jump to the top of the waitlist if a current member refers you.

So, since a friend referred me, I'm passing that opportunity forward to this community. If you're interested in joining, use my link

Bonus once accepted you get 5 free nights with my invitation code: sha.yaz

Hope this takes away your headaches of finding a place too to rent while you live your digital nomad life

P.S. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy to help.

that's awesome thank you for this! Where have you been travelling around? And I've always wondered do you have all your big items (furnitures, clothes from different seasons in storage, and how do you do with address change on your paperwork haha) I don't mean to be intrusive but i feel like someone should do a "living the digital nomad life 101" !