Portfolio careers - have you had one?


Do you have a portfolio career and if so, what does it look like?

I realized I created one (which I prefer to call a patchwork career) after working in tech for 10+ years.

​Here's what it looks like for me!

​Previously, I was a burnt out engineer (senior engineer, engineering manager) in tech, who DREADED the Slack pings coming in at all hours of the day.

I'm giving a talk about portfolio careers and I'd love to include some insights and tips from those on Elpha <3

In the comments, I'd love thear:

* What does your portfolio career look like?

* If you don't have one, are you considering one? Why?

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Hi Sarah!i have deff taken a portfolio approach in my career but without realising it, it's only recently that i have and I knew there was a term for this "strategy". You might be super inspired by this OH we did a few months ago with Ashley from Coalition Operators And specifically here this comment: 0.02 on this is as a coach you kind always have to be on the hunt for opportunities to "get new clients" so a portfolio approach is your own equivalent of biz dev.