Communities like Elpha

Hey all!

Where do get support and advice besides Elpha? I'm on a couple of subreddits and Slack channels but I know there's got to be more. Curious to hear where everyone else goes when online.


My go to: Black Women in VC, Global Women in VC (focused on VC obviously)!
Thanks Iynna!
Not sure if you're looking for synchronous peer-to-peer experiences, but I'd be remiss if I didn't share Topknot.
Haven't looked at Topknot but you've got me curious! Checking it out now
Last I checked the Women in Tech group on Facebook had a lot of activity and a similar vibe, but I haven't been over there in a couple years.
Thanks! I'll give it a visit
My coach @prashadutra πŸ™πŸ»πŸ₯°
Haven't heard of Prasha but she sounds awesome. What do you like about her community?
I feel inspired being surrounded by badass ladies, but most importantly Prasha is a wonderful coach and I’ve benefited a lot from working with her. Hope this helps!
Thank you @ironmissy for this amazing shoutout! I am honored to coach brilliant women like you.
Women in Tech SEO (it's SEO specific but absolutely one of my favorite online communities, so inspiring) - usually the Slack channel (tho there's a facebook group too). I really like Diem (the app) as well. And Hitha Palepu's Substack/Instagram is also great.
Ladies Get Paid has been an awesome resource for me. They have a Motivation Monday's networking group that meets every Monday via Zoom for people job hunting. They also have a lively online forum.