“I had no idea this is what we look like, there’s so much clitoris!”

*anonymous friend, also me, 10 years ago.

Hi Elphas

I'd love to share some work that I've been working on, in some way since 2018, its a set of anatomically accurate 3D images of the clitoris and how we can include the clitoris and pleasure in our scientific and cultural literature.

While studying at the University of Glasgow I based my thesis on the incredible anatomical journals of Dr Helen O’Connell (1998, 2005 & 2008), who did the first detailed anatomical studies of the clitoris since Kobelt in the 1840s (no joke). This article also outlines how anatomy can best be clitorate!

“Clitoracy” is a term coined by artist Sophia Wallace, who too dreams of a world that is literate in the ways of the clitoris.

Thanks for reading