What relationships have you seen strengthen and support you over the pandemic and which have been challanged?

Did the answer surprise you?
@alakinamann - Honestly I have not seen much changes :) Back in the days, I used to be the one to reach out to friends etc and when I wouldn't then I also would not hear back from them, so I said F this and now it is the way I am living my life :)That said, I have definitely used my phone a lot more for phone calls and I have found myself going through period of talking to people I would not necesarily check in with before! My life in quarantine has also been a lot busier so I am pretty content with the few strong relationships I have maintained :D and you?!
hey @iynna thanks for your message. Yeah its interesting who we find ourselves checking in with, it sounds like your reconnecting with a few select old relationships. So glad that the strong ones are supporting you with the busyness! And yes in these times it definitely shows you which are the most vital ones.I was surprised by how much I needed to have regular contact with one circle of old friends, I live in Berlin and they are in London so I loved that zoom brought us all in touch. I have had more regular contact with my family which was needed and a really positive change. However I lived with my family for a time and that was very challenging. The phrase 'if you think your enlightened, spend some time with your parents' comes to mind. I also got to spend much more time with my partner which I'm grateful for.With love Ali
I've definitely gotten closer with my partner during this time! I was expecting to get sick of him after spending so much time together (lol) but that hasn't happened. Quarantining together has definitely made our relationship stronger.
I had a baby and became very close with another friend who also had a baby. It has been great. I think, overall, my close friends have gotten closer! For work, I miss seeing clients face-to-face. I like the zoom calls, but I do miss the office visits.
Hey I love that! I can imagine this is a tough time to have a baby so thats great you have company. I also totally relate to missing face to face clients, I love the flexibility and convenience but miss the human contact. I often feel a little disassociated when I spend a whole day working online only.