How To Consciously Consume Diverse Films

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Filled out!I'm interesting in knowing how subjective the results may be, eg. would it count if two minor / supporting characters who are women have conversations that is not related to men? Would it count if the conversation is two-line versus a whole scene?
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Thank you for filling out the survey and for your suggestions! It would count if two supporting characters that are womxn have a conversation about something other than men, but if the characters are more minor than a supporting role there is more gray area. The Bechdel test focuses on showcasing movies that have at least a scene where this happens. Ideally the test helps to identify movies which have a theme centered around womxn, but not needing their lives and conversations to be centered around men. Glad you are pointing out opportunity areas.
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Ooh this is interesting! I've never heard of the Duvernay test before. Pretty cool!