Increasing venture capital going to female founders will result in a better world - Cat Lee, MaveronFeatured

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Hi Elphas – as a reminder – this is part of our new #spotlight public posts series sharing conversations with women across tech on the topic of #careergrowth. Please share your perspectives and thoughts in the comments below.Cat, thanks for sharing such a detailed and thoughtful essay with us, there's so much to take away whether you're an operator, founder, or investor.
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Thank you for sharing your journey and vision, very inspiring and impressive Cat! I totally relate on the partnering side, and being authentic in this process. Founders share their dream, and to be a true partner you have to instigate it and empower them in the better way you can.Would love to share an overview of our portfolio startups, and talk about deal-flow funneling when it makes sense. If you got time in the next weeks, let's chat. Here is my calendar. THANK YOU!
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Thanks for sharing what you've been learning, Cat! I'm curious to know more about the four values and Maveron and how you define them (ex. "win the right way"). When I'm considering partners, whether angels or vc, I'm most interested in whether or not our values align.