How I Used Networking to Transition into Software EngineeringFeatured

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This is so helpful! I'd actually argue that your tips are very helpful because they lend themselves nicely to other fields. Even better, you provided a template that someone like me can use. I'm all about practical advice that I can actually put into practice!Can you expand more about what an apprenticeship is and how is this different from, say, a bootcamp?
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Hi @KiLo, glad you found it helpful! Apprenticeships are sort of like extended internships at big tech cos with a path of conversion to Software Engineer. At some companies they are contract roles, at other companies they are actual full-time employee roles, sort of like associate software engineer.
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This is so helpful, thank you for this post! As a recent bootcamp grad pivoting to a new industry, it's so inspiring and great to hear what worked for you in your job hunt. Thanks again!
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Hi @maurathompson glad you found it helpful! Best of luck in your journey into software engineering, I hope you land your dream job
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Thank you for taking the time to share--this is super helpful:)
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You're welcome @meganh I'm so glad you found it helpful!Azra
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Ohhhh wow so this transition is my dream, I am so excited you posted this! I have so many questions, of course you don’t have to answer if you don’t have time! How have you found software engineering now that you’ve been in it for a while? Which coding languages did you focus on? How well did the Bootcamp prepare you? If you’re comfortable, could you share a salary range for the types of entry offers you might expect as someone who recently transitioned to the field? How are you finding the work life balance where you are now? What’s your next move to keep growing in your new field? Also, your story is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing! I always thought this transition was possible but that I’d be crazy to pursue it. You just stoked a fire in me to do this too, I love this community!
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I'm glad this post was be helpful for you @victoriadepencier! Now that I've been doing it for a while, I'm happy with my transition though miss the ability to make business decisions sometimes. My current language is Java, at bootcamp I learned Javascript & Python. My bootcamp prepared me well for the startup world but big tech co is a different story - things are way more complicated and take longer to develop on at big tech cos! Entry level salary range in SF I've see from $85/90k-$140k, pretty wide range. Work life balance is pretty great where I am. My next move after a couple of years is definitely to join a startup that I'm really sold on as a backend engineer. And yes, I love this community too :) It has been so inspiring for me too and I'm glad to pay it forward
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Thank you so much for sharing this! It is very helpful. I love how you approached networking in an authentic way. I will be saving this as a guide. I hope you're able to join a great startup in a few years!
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Thank you @MaryMateo Im glad you found it helpful! And I hope so too :)