Thank you Elpha! Share what you're grateful for 🙏🏽

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What a fantastic thread, thank you for starting the conversation Azra!Mine is going to be very vague — this year has been difficult in so many ways, so I cannot be more thankful for Elpha in helping create pockets of nourishment in my life. When we talk about things that are hard, real, weird, or tactical; when there's an offhand comment that makes me laugh; when I get to meet members (virtually) and put a face to a name from another corner of the world; when someone shares something they're struggling with and then again in some months with "hey I got through it" as a win. All these little things from the community make my heart happy :)
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Thank you Azra for starting this thread! Where to start: - Being alive- Being able to hear Mom and Dad's voice - Having friends who love me endlessly and have my back no matter what- Having a job that I love - Being financially and physically fit- Being worry-free- Being able to still dream big and working towards achieving my goals because I know I canAnd of course: so thankful for Elpha - @teresaman said it beautifully! I never thought I could learn so much from people online :) Thank you to everyone in this community who keeps me on my toes while uplifting me (without necesarily realising it)