How do you cope with rapid company growth?

Input for an article, please? (I want to be sure to have lots of women's voices!)Sometimes we plan for success. Sometimes, it just happens. Maybe a funny ad makes the company goes viral, or you just happen to sell something that becomes super-relevant during a pandemic, or… whatever. The point is: You need to scale up without screwing up.So I’m looking for advice to share with other business owners, from people who have gone through this. How do you cope with rapid growth when faced with a jump in demand, and incremental scaling won't cut it?* If your company grew very fast, what did you do well?* What mistakes did you make?* What would you do differently, knowing what you do now?* What advice would you offer others?I'd like your input even if I can't quote you. But if I may -- please share by PM your name, title/role, company, short description. For context, also include the company size, its growth in what time period, and what caused the sudden success.
I messaged you -- grew a company from zero to $50 Million ARR in 6 years.