Co-parenting in another state

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Hi and great question, I would love to see other's responses. Not me, but I know a family in this situation. The dad and his new wife were in SV and the mom and her new husband were in the Midwest. The kids spent most of the year (like 9 months) with their mom for the school year, and they stayed with their dad for 3 months over the summer. There were week-ish long visits periodically when Dad came back to the Midwest (like at holidays).The kids seemed ok with the arrangement, but I thought it looked sort of painful to be away from the kids for those long chunks of time.
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Hi Emily - thank you! Oh okay, their situation sounds similar to mine. I am from the Midwest confidently. The visitation arrangement the family has sounds similar to what I was thinking. Definitely will be an adjustment. I would love to see other responses as well. This topic has been heavy on my mind lately.