Coach Offering Free Consultation Session and 4 Reduced Price Sessions for 4 Elpha Clients

Hi Elpha community!I am a newly qualified coach and I am offering a free intake session and 4 sessions at a reduced rate of €40/£40/$50, for 4 clients from the Elpha community. I can support you to self-explore, find more safety, intimacy and fulfilment in relationships. I hold a space that is client-lead to talk about experiences, discover unconscious patterns and bring to light your desires, needs and boundaries, and work toward your goals. I know this is a time where many of us are feeling lonely and disconnected, or overcrowded and struggle to find centre and agency in relationships with many demands on our time and attention.Relationships also determine so much of our professional life, do you have a sense confidence or communication might be blocking a more fulfilling professional relationship or community?Don’t hesitate to get in touch if any of this resonated with you, or you have questions. I’m excited to hear from you and wishing you well in these times. [email protected]