Going to Graduate School for an Unrelated Degree

Hello Elpha Community!

I need an advice on getting the online Masters degree.

Recently I moved to US as a Software Engineer and want to slightly switch my focus to the Biotech startup scene. That's why I ‘m researching different options how to get the Masters degree in Biotech while having bachelors in finance.

I’m not fully aware how universities operate here in US and whether I can take prerequisite courses in the beginning of Masters program.

I will greatly appreciate any advice on what I should ask the college representative.

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I think each program handles pre-requisites differently. I'm in a MS Data Science program. For my program, I had to take Calculus I in order to be admitted, but there were also 3 other pre-requisites that I could take after admittance or try to test out of - statistics, programming, linear algebra. Some programs are more stringent and require that you've taken pre-requisites prior to application but others will include those pre-requisites as part of the program and you can waive them if necessary.