Let’s be real. Resumes can be a pain in the butt to update.

Honestly, there’s no real education on what to add, how to design them, or even who to send them to so they’re actually seen.

👉 So, here are 2 quick tips that will help you out NOW (and if you don’t have a resume to update, we have you covered):

1️⃣ If you’re going to have an objective/summary/intro section, make it count

There’s confusion around whether this section is even important. It can be used as prime real estate if you use it to paint a clear picture of what you’re really looking for in your next position. Finding a way to mention the company is a bonus!

2️⃣ Show that you know what you’re applying for

Sending the same generic resume to multiple companies just won’t work anymore. It’s smart to have a general resume template that you use but take a few minutes to tailor it to the position you’re applying for. Look at keywords and skills that are repeated within the job description - if they apply to you and your experience, make sure they’re on your resume.

When applying for jobs, you MUST look good on paper.

🛍️ If you’re not confident in your resume, visit and grab a template that fits!

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