Community Ask: We need your Vote for our SXSW Panel

I have a favor to ask: My startup, The Phoenix Project, is up for SXSW and we need community votes to make it happen.Can you give us a vote? Like many companies I pivoted Phoenix during Covid and I would really love to talk about the arch of mental health healing journeys on a stage like this. Here is more info and a link to vote:, lets see more female founders up on stage next year! 🙌Topic:DESTIGMATIZATION: MENTAL HEALTH'S NEXT INNOVATIONNearly half of U.S. adults have a mental illness so why isn’t positive discussion and support more widespread? Prior to the pandemic, conversations surrounding mental health felt brushed under the rug and taboo. Did the global pandemic lift the blindfold off America’s stigmatization of mental health? During this session, Agora and The Phoenix Project will join the stage to discuss the stigmatization of mental health in the U.S., the impact of COVID-19, how technology is making access to care and support more accessible, and steps we can take as individuals to change today’s perception of mental health and demand more from our healthcare system.Voting closes on Friday, 11/20. Thank you so much!Melissa