Free Nail Designs | Looking for testimonials for my new project

Hi everyone I just started a new project called Nail Designs Pro. It is an AI-powered nail designs generator and I want to know people's thoughts. It's quite simple you just enter an idea for a nail design then receive an email with an AI image of the design. I can send you the link for a free design in exchange for a review/testimonial.

P.S. I know my site needs to be redesigned. But I just want to see what people thoughts are before I continue to pursue this project.

Thanks for sharing! I am not a fan of nailart and don't do it myself so I am not aware of the market. But when you go to the nail salon how is the art decided? Do they have catalogues for you to pick or do you have a style in mind that you show? In which case would your service address the latter? I think it can be a fun project to give people nail art ideas but what's the end goal with it for you? Doing it for fun and see? Or trying to monetise from day 1? If the latter, I don't really see if people would pay to generate art when they can get inspo from things like Pinterest etc. My 0.02 though!
Thanks for your reply. It depends on the salon some have catalog of design for people to choose from others allow the client to come up with their own design. I'm just doing it for fun and see what happens. Also many all types of artwork and designs even if they can get inspiration from Pinterest.
I understand! It makes sense to do it for fun and see where it goes, a lot of learnings either way :)Please let us know how things go and what you uncover!
Love the idea! +1 for your creativity (and also for making a site and testing it!)
Thank you I'm just trying to see what comes of it.
I'm interested in AI and have a background in the creative and tech industries but I am confused.Does this service simply create mockups of AI-generated art on nails, to make it look like a photo of real nail art? Is the purpose inspiration for nail artists? Is this pulling from a particular training set of nail art images that you own, or rather from some other service like DALLE or Midjourney? Or does it use stock images? You are encouraging people to put them in portfolios on social media and websites - wouldn't this be dishonest for a nail artist to do, since they are not real examples of nail art, only AI generated mockups?
Thank you for your response and insightful questions. I would like to address that I don't encourage nail artists to put the photos in their portfolio to claim as their own. I simply say you can do whatever you like with the photos they are yours to keep including share on social media. But I can make that clearer on my site. The purpose is just inspirations for anyone who is interested in nail art including DIYers, nail artists, customers of nail artists. It's for people who struggle to visualize or articulate their idea and can't find the image on Google or Pinterest. (Maybe it's a struggle only unique to me) Hopefully my service will get them closer. The generated nail art designs are indeed AI-generated mockups I use a combination of images that I own, stock images and Midjourney.