I'm trying to build up a Twitter network so that when I say things more people than my brother will like it :D Seriously, I haven't put much effort in, but I see it could be a valuable networking/fun social media platform if you follow the right people and vice versa.So any active Twitter users, I'd love to follow you and it would be cool if you would follow me back! Drop your Twitter handles below or DM me if you prefer. Thanks!My handle is @QuiltMathJunkieIs that weird or memorable? I had it before I went into coding and cared about it being weird. If only I still had time to quilt.
Hey Jessica, I'm at iynna_halilou ( See you on Twitter!
followed you! I'm @mansimusa
Great to be Twitter-connected!
Hi Jessica! I'm at catcherinthepi3 ( I like your handle! It makes me wonder what mathematical quilts look like...
All quilts are mathematical technically! You can get patterns that tell you just what to do and measure, but I love doing the geometry and math required to create new patterns and tweak the sizes of old patterns. I also have seen some pretty cool math themed quilts!
That's so cool! I've definitely heard of people doing hyperbolic geometry and other crazy things with knitting, so I'm not surprised there's fun math to be had with quilts. :)
I ❤️ tech Twitter! Just followed you, I'm @epatt6 ( My best rec for getting followers is to reply to someone with a big audience and interact on their convos.
Thanks for the tip!
Hi Jessica, love that you combined quilt and math! quilting is something I really want to get into! My handle is HuaTweets ('m trying to follow more women in tech, just followed you and everyone else here!I share design, branding, creativity tips, building in public, and chill/procrastination tweets follow if you feel like!
Will follow! I have loads of fabric waiting on me to get back to quilting ... it will happen! I actually feel like it's a great analogy for Web Development, you use logic to create something that's useful and aesthetically pleasing ... not to mention quilts are all made with components that contain smaller components.
what a great analogy!I hope you will post some pics of the fabric and finished product : )
Hi Jessica! I'm at iamireneyu (! Good luck on Twitter!
Thanks! So glad I posted this. Connecting with so many awesome ladies!
Same! Thanks for posting this!
Followed everyone who posted till now! I'm
Following!I haven't totally figured out Twitter either so I don't tweet much, but am looking forward to seeing the interesting thing that all of these Twitter-savvy Elphas post.
I'm on Twitter all the time at See you there!
Hi Jessica, I just followed you! I have a good friend from engineering school who quit her job to do geeky quilts full time, so I love your handle. :-) I don't know the best way to build a twitter following, and I'm constantly torn between wanting to build my twitter following and feeling too self-conscious to post my hot-takes for the world to see. But happy to join this group, you can follow me if you like
Well it's tricky, trying to avoid controversy and also not say anything stupid, like forgetting that trademarks are not patents duh. And if someone replies to you it looks weird if you delete the tweet 😅 Oh well, onward and upward!
I have finally entered the world of Twitter myself after resisting it for the past 10 years. thing someone recommended I do was to create a thread of tweets on a topic I want to be known for, and pin those at the top. That way, when someone comes to my profile, they know a bit more about what value I hope to bring. I haven't done this yet but that's my first goal!