Help with Development of Network App Feature?

We're building Chowdown, a global social food & drink app.

I am wondering if you could help me out testing as we build a new feature. 

We want to help connect people who are free at the same time to either go out for coffee/meal together (if in the same city) or have a virtual coffee/meal together.

I just thought of a manual way to do it as we build the app.

1.) People would email me the times the next week they are available

2.) I will match them up

3.) Then send an e-mail introduction to them.  They could then setup a time to meet in-person or to have a virtual call.  I would be helping with the coordination.

If you're interested, please let me know. I'm also hoping you would ask your contacts they are interested in connecting with people.  I am reaching out to different groups and contacts I know and hoping to get more and more people to connect with. 

I'm happy to talk over the phone or Zoom to discuss more or answer any questions.  Thanks!


Melinda B. Chu

[email protected]


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Do you still need help beta testing your app? I'd be happy to help.