Hello from the Southern Oregon Coast!

Greetings, fabulous Elpha community! 👋 I am absolutely thrilled to become a part of this remarkable group of women who uplift and encourage each other on our professional journeys. As I transition my skills and passion from my current business to the ever-evolving world of UX/UI design, I am excited to connect with fellow innovators who appreciate authenticity, continuous learning, and diverse perspectives. I'm looking forward to creating an environment where we can freely share insights, learn from one another, and celebrate our collective achievements. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the Elpha community and look forward to connecting with all of you amazing women!

Welcome Tanya! Thank YOU for joining us and taking the time to intro yourself. We're so stoked to have you here! I love what you're doing - please make sure to keep an eye out in or send me a note around late November when our Elpha Holiday Gift Guide request goes out, we feature Elpha focused companies and we try to include tons of small businesses and physical goods
So great to meet you Tanya, and welcome to Elpha!!