Maternity Leave

In today's environment, curious what women are being offered for maternity leave? Currently have a job offer in hand, but its only offering 6 weeks paid leave, after 1 years service to the company. It is female founded and that aspect is pushed hard in everything they do - but shocked at the leave offered.

Wow, that is incredibly low and definitely insufficient. It may be female founded, but I doubt any of those women have ever had to give birth then. You will need a minimum of 3 months, and in fact, people usually refer to this as the 4th trimester. The baby is fragile during this time, and your body is also recovering from the birth. In addition, if you are breastfeeding, which is recommended for the health of your baby and you, it is much more challenging to have to pump while working. I've been encouraged to see big companies like Google now offering birth mothers 6+ months (even offering fathers 5 months or so.). In many other countries like Canada they offer 1 year or more.
I agree with this take. 3 months should be the minimum and 6 months should be the standard. Anything less is cruel and unreasonable.