ICE is deporting international students

I am Rishika Raichandani, an international student that graduated last year and is currently of out status since I ended my OPT on July 3rd. I can’t go back home (UAE) because there are severe travel restrictions. This is heartbreaking and I just can’t stop thinking about it and do nothing and so I just created a petition to stop this movement by ICE. Elpha's help to spread the word would mean the world to me and thousands of international students across the nation (link above)International students should be able to complete their studies safely online.They shouldn't have to fear being forced to leave the country with no where to go due to extensive travel bans for US travelers across the world. This new exemption leaves international students to deal with several problems including: - Finding a country to return to other than their home country if there are bans for US travelers (this involves dealing with additional costs with applying for new visas, lawyers, travel expenses)- Exposure to COVID by traveling out of the US - this is a health issue being ignored by ICE. Forcing students in the country to leave amid a pandemic is cruel and contributes to the spread of COVID- For those students coming from China, UAE, and other countries that have strict policies surrounding video conferencing platforms and internet restrictions, the ability to take online classes is severely limited- Living on US time zones while being on the other side of the world. Most classes happen from 8AM - 5PM (PST, EST)- Paying full international tuition (highest tuition rates) for taking classes online away from the US.- Not being able to afford going back; many international students are coming on private student loans and moving back is simply not feasible financially- Students that come from countries with bad internet connections will struggle to join video lectures, study for tests & take tests.More here:
Thank you so much Judy. It means everything to me!
Signed! Sorry you have to deal with this in these trying times. I also suggest adding the link at the bottom of the page (not too obvious at the top).
Partition signed!
Rishika, I signed and shared your petition and thanks to thousands of voices like yours amplified this has been rescinded - as I am sure you know!
It was rescinded, if anything because of thousands of supporters like you! Thank you for signing and sharing my petition.