Speaking Opportunities at the Femigrants Event hosted by LinkedIn

I'm Aytakin Aliyeva, a Founder of the Femigrants Foundation, a professional networking community for female immigrants (501c3).

We are organizing a professional networking event in April hosted by LinkedIn and have speaking opportunities for panel discussions. The conversation will be on how to increase net worth from networks aiming to educate immigrants on personal branding and self-promotion, both online and at the workplace.

*The immigrant background is required to join as a speaker/panelist/moderator.

If you are interested in joining as a panelist or a moderator, please fill out the Speaker Application Form.

Please, let me know if you have any questions.

Feel free to connect on Linkedin for further information/questions.

Thank you

Aytakin Aliyeva

That's such a great initiative!
Thank you, @iynna
Hi Aytakin! Is it ok with you if I share your event on my blog with a list of startup events and resources?
@DianePrince - of course, thank you for asking. Feel free to connect if you would like to learn about the org.
I messaged you :-)
@DianePrince thank you for sharing.
Absolutely! Are you a founder, Diana?
Hello @Aytakin. I think I can help you promote your event. Can I share this on Linkedin?
Hi @dianaguberman - that would be amazing. Of course, you can. The main 2 requirements for speakers are:- To be an immigrants- Background or work experience on social media platforms, or social media influencers who can talk about how to use social media platforms to increase revenue.Thank you, Diana!
@Aytakin thank you for sharing this opportunity! I just filled in the form :)In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at my LI profile or pop in at my Elpha Office Hour session today :)
Awesome! Thank you for the heads up!