FREE Workshop: Networking for Introverted Womxn

Did you know that:

· 77% of the highest-achieving women have strong ties with an inner circle of two to three other women?

· Networking alone is responsible for filling 85% of all jobs?

· 80% of professionals believe that career success can be elevated through professional networking?

· 95% of people are more likely to succeed in reaching their goals when checking in with an accountability partner?

Imagine yourself being able to strike a conversation with just about anyone with ease and confidence. Yes, it’s possible… even as an introvert! I believe this is possible because I too am an introvert who learned how to achieve this through a lot of practice and easy to follow strategies.

Networking is a critical and overlooked skill. Like all life skills, it requires regular practice to become more proficient. The problem is most of us don't enjoy it. We put it off until we feel we HAVE to do it. Then we realize how ineffective we are at it. Join me for a free webinar and unlock the secrets to successfully networking as an introvert to connect with people you admire and your dream job.

What You Will Learn:

· Why networking important to your career

· How to build your confidence and embrace networking as an introvert

· How to write effective networking scripts

Who This is For:

Introverted womxn who are looking to develop their networking skills to connect with people they admire, find a mentor, get a sponsor, position themselves for an internal promotion or find a new job.