Moms who are stressed about money! We need you!

Hi !

My name is Siobhan Hamilton, I'm a fellow mum with 5 kids and a lofty goal of creating an app to help reduce our stress around our money.

We're in search of mums and parents who are either currently using a personal finance tool/tracker (budgeting app, excel, envelope system etc!) or have recently stopped using one. Your insights are incredibly valuable as we strive to create a “pre-budgeting budgeting” tool that breaks free from traditional methods and truly resonates with real-life experiences.

The interview would be no more than 30 minutes either over the phone or through Google Meet. Your input will play a pivotal role in shaping our app and ensuring it meets the needs of mums like you.

To say thank you for your time (as we know it’s incredibly valuable!) we'll add you to our subscribers list, granting you exclusive first access to the app once it's ready.

If you’re interested please DM me, or send me a quick email at [email protected]. I want to stress the confidentiality of your answers: your answers will only be used for research and development, and names will never be shared.

Thanks again,