Finding Co-founders/advisory board

Hello all,

I am determined to stack my start up with only self-identified women but am struggling to do so. I am bootstrapping this start up, so the team would either be formed as co-founders and/or equity shares. Looking for a full-stack engineer for building this app - someone who is as excited about the start up journey as I am! Any tips on how to find this person to fill this role would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!


Love this commitment Siobhan! Finding a cofounder is a very special thing to do, because it's not just an employee! One thing you can consider is the YC Cofounder matching platform for the board of advisors, anyone in your previous roles/companies or professors at the schools you went to who can be a fit? Perhaps you can start in your close network and see who might be interested.The other option is linkedin, there are people who are actually looking for board positions so that might be a good option for you as well.
Thank you Iynna! Appreciate the feedback