Create a sustainable supply chain! Looking for full stack & ML people - remote

Hi, we are a fast-growing, early-stage supply chain tech company. The dirty little secret of the supply chain is that ports & hubs (where most of our imports go thru ) don't have connectivity nor do they have data. This is not something Ikea, Amazon nor Alibaba can solve but they all have the same issue. We empower sustainability because once you have connectivity & data, you can bring in green tech like electrified roads, hydrogen. We also have a non-profit "lab" built to have these inter/intra industry conversation & create opportunities that are more sustainable.

If you're interested in a family-friendly company, working on a big problem with lots of traction, that's out in the field with a team who work smart, have a look at QuayChain.

Reach out to me via elpha any time. Happy to answer questions. My slowness of response is b/c I'm recovering from medical stuff. Thank you