Help fix the supply chain (there's a sustainability angle) as business ops/generalist in Salt Lake City (not remote)

During COVID, you likely became more aware of the supply chain and its inefficiencies. Our interconnected world and the increasing impact of climate change has made a resilient, sustainable & secure supply chain more urgent to all of us. QuayChain digitizes the information and connectivity gaps in the supply chain, in partnership with logistics centers. Part of the problem we are solving is that ports and the surrounding areas don't have stable cell network nor a shared data layer.

We are tackling a system problem, that’s both on and offline.  That means we work with diverse groups of people - from government, research institutes and local communities to truckers, power companies and green tech. 

Internally, our team is definitely older than “typical” entrepreneurs.  As an organization, we value learning, questioning, resilience, honesty and divergent thinking.

I joined QuayChain a year ago as an advisor and in August, as a part time employee. I'm transitioning to FT. Happy to answer any questions/feedback. If you've read this far, I'm not sure if the job title is the right one!