Freelance Jobs

Hello everyone 👋🏾

I am wondering what are the best job boards when trying to find freelance jobs (particularly in editing, proofreading, data entry and notary services). I have used LinkedIn and Indeed but no luck so far. I also look here on Elpha but only see a full time gigs.

have you checked Upwork? this is a more convoluted question though because in my opinion (and based on my experience + observations), freelance jobs are not a thing/they're not advertise. When companies want to get a freelance person, they usually rely on their internal networks and/or folks they've worked with beforewhich means as a freelancer, you should not passively apply to role and instead should actively seek out clients. Do you have a website? Do you have past clients who can give testimonials AND refer you to others? I'd combine your approach of applying to things with a more proactive approach where you seek projects out.Check our recent spotlight from Nisha who went from Dentistry to UX, she does it freelance now so might have some tips for you
Check out have seen a few part time jobs for content writing.
Freelancing Females and Qwoted are ones I like
I'm not sure if you're tried contra ( but it's for freelancers in a variety of functions (mainly design, editing, web dev) but not exclusive to just those. Hopefully that helps!