Lovely Elpha ladies of SF,

So this is happening! We are launching monthly Elpha women meetups 🚀Please join us next Tuesday, August 16th in Hayes Valley:

Thank you for tagging me! I'll be out of town unfortunately next week, but i'll definitely be at the September Meetup :)
@MelanieMalott - looking forward to meeting you in September!
Thank you for tagging me. I will definitely try to join.
@NimiV - yay! It would be so good to see you again SUS friend <3
Love this!! thanks for tagging me!!
Yay @Solene - hope to see you next Tuesday!
Thanks for doing this. I signed up for October and looking forward to meeting Elphas in person
Great! Mine wasn't monthly and it was Zoom. So, I sent your event info to my daughter who lives in SF!
@guiti - thanks for sharing with you daughter. If we have >50 women, I will tell them about your zoom meetup. Good to virtually meet you!
hi there, "my zoom mtg" is not regular. It was just once ;) I may try it again
I just signed up! This will be my first "networking" event since before COVID! Crazy to think about
@LizSchrader it's a very supportive group. Glad that you are joining us!
Love this!! Wish I was in SF to join in, maybe one day might just find myself in the area! :)
Sounds like a plan. Please keep me posted when you are in SF!
Bummed I missed Tuesday's meetup! I'll be back in town for the October event and would love to join then :)
@megazine - yes please! Looking forward to meeting you in October :)
I missed this month but would love to join next month! Please keep me posted or let me know where I can sign up!
@tarasuperkin - please join us for the next one in September - hope to see you there!
Missed this month's meetup, plz count me in for the next one!
@Avani it would be so good to meet you. If you haven't already - please sign up for the next one in September