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Hi Jennifer! It’s been a few years since I got married but I did do some online shopping for my dress. I only ordered from places with good return policies. I ended up using a hotel that took care of the other details but if I did want to purchase anything, it would have to have that dependable return policy. In the end I actually ended up renting my dress at a small local spot. No regrets except I kinda wish I went with something cheaper
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Hey Jennifer - I just got married last year and can share about my experience:- Shopped online for your wedding items or would shop onlineA: Yes - bought mostly all of my decor and family/wedding party gifts online (facebook marketplace, hobby lobby/michaels, etc.). I shopped online for bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and wedding dresses as well, but would only look at places that had free returns/shipping. - What would you most likely buy online? Dress? Chargers, linens, decor?A: Ideally everything if there are free shipping and returns! IF free shipping and/or returns aren't an option, I'd prefer a local marketplace (like facebook) where I can go meet the seller and see the items before committing.- Would you resell your items afterwards and would use a focused marketplace that allows for your to sell nationwide and ship your times easily?A: Yes! I sold most of my decor back on facebook marketplace. I'm trying to sell my wedding dress as well but haven't been getting many hits.
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Hi Jennifer, I got married in June 2019. Similarly to Hannah, my venue took care of most of the details (decor, linens, etc). However, I did need to provide a handful of items such as a box to hold gifts and table numbers. I shopped for -- and purchased -- these items online. The gift box I got through Etsy and the table numbers I actually rented from someone renting them through Facebook Marketplace. So, yes, I would definitely have used a dedicated site like yours. Not sure if you're already doing this, but I also love the idea of renting decor because you're probably only using it once.
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Hey Jennifer! I'm engaged and planning my wedding (well, more like daydreaming about my wedding, until we actually feel comfortable that we can set a date and everyone will be able to attend safely)! I definitely plan to buy my accessories online, like my jewelry, veil, shoes, etc. I also expect to buy most of the decor that's not provided by my venue online, like the table decor, photo booth decorations, guest book, etc. I think the only thing I wouldn't consider buying online would be the dress. Online clothes shopping is so hit-or-miss for me because my body type isn't the standard size I see on models so I never quite know how it's going to fit until I try it, so I just wouldn't trust it enough, and I wanted to have that special experience of trying dresses on with my MOH and finding *the one.* Also - you're probably already aware of this, but I have found most of my vendors on Instagram by looking through the #oregonbride and other related local hashtags, and also looking at Oregon Bride's photos and the vendors they tag in their posts, so focusing on local-specific hashtags and publications could be good ways to reach your audience in target demos.