Favorite employee perk/benefit?πŸ€”

Hi all! I'm curious on what your favorite 'perk' or employee benefit is at your current company (or even past companies you've worked at)! I definitely miss catered lunch and free snacks, but in a more remote world, I'm wondering what other perks people are enjoying!

Wellness reimbursement and education reimbursement. I've been buying a lot of technical books and taking courses, so fun. :)Also unlimited PTO. I know it gets a bad rap, but done right, it's beautiful. I have so much flexibility.
I'm surprised by the amount of people in my network that I've heard enjoy unlimited PTO -- I have a set amount and I would love to have unlimited in theory, but heard of a lot people not utilizing many days, so I'm glad to hear some people are taking the time they need!
It's definitely a mindset change, and there are companies where they claim to have unlimited PTO but then they can make you feel guilty about it too. But I use it pretty liberally and figure if no one is complaining and I'm getting my work done, then it's ok. :D
I was really enjoying corporate travel insurance covering personal trips as well, including immediate family. As I am an avid traveler, that helped me a lot, since it included also not only medical travel coverage but also personal money loss (read: stolen items or covering car rental insurance excess, so I never had to pay extra for full car insurance coverage). However after 2 years of COVID company discontinued this for personal trips, deeming it's not an industry practice.
That's so cool! It's a bummer that it's been discontinued :/