Can anyone give me a Bubble tutorial, or suggest another tool for my use case?

I'm looking for a no-code tool to create a form that is slightly more complicated than Typeform or Google Forms allows (specifically, I need to include questions where a user can enter data in a grid, and I need data validation to notify users that one box must be greater than / less than another box).

I've tried signing up for Bubble, but I haven't found the platform intuitive so far and it seems like I would need to invest a lot of time learning to use it in order to figure out if it even has the capability to do the thing I need. They have been spamming me constantly since I signed up but none of it is helpful.

Alternatively, I could just build the software first. I was honestly hoping to use Bubble (or some no-code solution like it) in order to test the UX and how users interact with it before developing the real software.

Is anyone here familiar enough with Bubble to know if it works for my use case or not? / would anyone potentially be willing to give me a super-brief tutorial?

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I haven’t used personally but I know some Elphas have!Take a look at this thread it may be useful to see if some of these Elpha members are open to give you advice?