My first employer after 4 years of unemployment fired me 2 days after I told them my car broke down and I was experiencing scheduling issues. I'm asking for help!

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I'm glad this platform exists and thankful to be apart of it. When I first signed up, I never thought this would be how I'd approach the community. In my weeks leading up to my sudden termination, my supervisor was recommending me to other roles within the company and asking me to apply internally. I was expecting an interview request, but instead they let me go halfway through the shift. Very cold, very robotic, and very matter-of-fact.

I'm disheartened, because this isn't the first time. I've been a single parent to three boys for 4 years now, a survivor of domestic violence. After spending 10 years in NYC, I left to be closer to family and have a better qualify of life. Houston has been kind to us and my family is in a much better place, but I haven't been able to find an employer who is flexible, understanding, and forward-thinking enough to take a chance on me. I'm very confident in what I can do --- I feel like my skills know no bounds! I can learn how to do anything. I can be good at pretty much anything an employer could throw at me, and given the proper training and guidance, I know I can be an asset and make an impact. I can't seem to get any employers to see the same things.

I'm currently upskilling, training for the Salesforce Admin exam and learning programming languages (HTML, CSS, JS, JAVA) with goals to enter the tech industry once I've built a good foundation of skills in tech, but for now I just need a job. Welfare is a key to poverty and I would know, I've been there multiple times. I don't want to put my boys through that again, not after everything they've been through and all it took to get to this point.

On top of my car troubles, rent is late this month and June is due soon (my sister cauught COVID at her new serving job, so this month has really sucked) I'm still behind on a lot of bills and my boys need miscellaneous things like haircuts and summer clothes.

Moving back to my hometown of Houston was supposed to improve things, but instead and quite depresssingly so, things are not good. If anyone on this platform knows a remote role that needs to be filled -- in client services, customer support, telesales, tech support, operations, or customer success -- please reach out! If anyone would be willing to give me a referral (7 times more likely to get a interview) please let me know! I've redid my resume multiple times, keyword optimized, carefully drafted my LinkedIn profile and I'm networking like crazy. I just need a little help to take me all the way! I can be reached at yoddit.mclean@gmail or on linkedin here.

Hey Yoddit, I'm so sorry to hear of how everything has unfolded, I really appreciate you sharing this with the community as I'm sure that also can be hard — and I truly hope you'll be able to catch a break soon! As for job search, have you shared your background to our Talent Pool at ? It's where companies can reach out to you based on your experience and what you see as important values!For context, you can also learn more about how we thought about our talent pool here: this helps and good luck with your search! ♥️
Thank you Teresa. I am a firm believer in the power of networking and embracing your community, and I'm just glad this platform exists and I was able to use it to get some help and be seen and heard. I am very new here and that's exactly where I need to be so thanks for sharing that with me! I will check it out later today and def share. Thanks again!
Would you mind if I shared this post on Twitter?
No, please do. Maybe someone on Twitter has what I'm looking for!
Sending you a big virtual hug! And connecting you to @DanielleB who’s hiring at her company!
Hugging you right back! and thank you the connect, I am going to reach out in the post now.
I think you will like here: - they have a lot of roles in these ranges: client services, customer support, telesales, tech support, operations, or customer success. I really wish you good and only positive times ahead. With things getting brighter.
thank you so much for the link and well wishes. this site looks amazing. can't wait to check out the roles and apply!
I’ve been using Jobscan to get some tips on my resume passing through ATSs. I’ll check your LinkedIn and see if I know anyone in my network who is hiring.
Also check out The Mom ProjectFlexJobsWeWorkRemotelyOtta
Thank you for reaching out! I really appreciate it, as a referral goes a very long way these days.
Hi there, Yoddit - I just connected on LinkedIn, I work for Zapier and we have a number of roles available. Check them out here ( and let me know which one feels like the best fit and I’m happy to refer you.
Hi Yoddit,Thanks for sharing your story. I work for a Tech start-up called Snapsheet - we're currently looking for a Customer Success Specialist - If you're interested, let me know and I'd be happy to refer to you our HR department.
Hi Stephanie! Thank you so much for reaching out. This is exactly the kind of role I'm interested in, but I'm unavailable after 5pm CST due to childcare hours. 😩 Are there ANY other schedules available for this role? & I saw 2-3 other positions where I meet some but not all of the qualifications. Is it worth it to try applying to those instead, if they've got first shift flexibility?
Hi Yoddit - I reached out to our VP of Operations and he mentioned that we are hiring on a monthly basis for this position (i.e. there is a new class each month that starts). I did ask about a flexible working arrangement and he said it typically is from 10-7 to start and then flexibility thereafter. That being said, I did mention you had childcare responsibilities, so waiting to hear back if they're willing to be more flexible. What are the other roles you're looking at ? If you prefer, you're welcome to DM me on LinkedIn instead and we can chat further :)
Check out The Second Shift: can list me as a referral!