Looking to refer more women of color into my B2B fintech organizationhttps://careers.coupa.com/global/en/careers-at-coupa

Hi Everyone,

I am a Digital Marketing Manager at Coupa Software, a global tech platform for business spend management. Our organization is truly global, with remote/hybrid work capabilities. I am currently based in Berlin, however my team is stretched across four time zones in NA and EMEA.

I am eager to refer more POC into tech, where BPOC (for example) only make up 7.4% of the tech workforce in the United States. I expect those numbers to be much smaller in Europe.

If interested please connect with me on LinkedIn, check out our vacancies and consider if Coupa core values are aligned with your own. I’d love to hear from you!

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I love this! Tagging a few who might be interested @sadiejay, @trenee, @Kharis in case she is open to remote roles+ @kemikelsons for the web dev team lead role+ @tiffanytrifforiot for the Biz Partner and Recruiter roles+ @tesswallace who is relocating to London - in case Coupa sponsors? + @pragya for SWE roles
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Thank you so much for tagging me! Will definitely be reaching out.
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Thanks for tagging me! I really appreciate that. :)
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I love this! I've just sent you a request on LinkedIn.
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Love to see this. I have connected via Linkedin as well
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Hi Danielle! Iyanna referred me to your post and I've connected with you on LinkedIn. Can't wait to discuss the roles I starred on the job board. Thanks for posting!