What's the best company you know that offers B2C and B2B paid versions of their product?

I want to see how they make it clear that both options are available without deterring either consumers or enterprise buyers.

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Hm maybe hubspot?
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Slack and Google (vs Google Workspace) comes to mind!
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Some great examples here already! Here are a few more:- Calendly: https://www.glance.fyi/plans/calendly- Writer: https://www.glance.fyi/plans/writer- Vidyard: https://www.glance.fyi/plans/vidyard- Synthesia: https://www.glance.fyi/plans/synthesia- Otter.ai: https://www.glance.fyi/plans/otter-ai- SurveyMonkey: https://www.glance.fyi/plans/surveymonkey- 1Password: https://www.glance.fyi/plans/1passwordI’m building something to make it easier to answer these kinds of questions. I’d love to get your feedback, would you be open to a 15min call?