Relocating to and seeking a job in Canada

Hi everyone, my name is Kharis. I'll be relocating to Vancouver, Canada with my family in July. I am looking to get a job in the tech scene hopefully before I land. I'm seeking to speak with Career & resume experts to better position myself. So if you know anyone who I can speak to, kindly send them my way. Thank you

Congrats on the relocation (I'm also a fellow Canadian 🇨🇦!)Tagging @HeatherZweig who may be able to help!
Thanks @teresaman! @Kharis What an exciting opportunity! My recommendation is to review jobs that interest you and put together a "perfect" job for you. Look at the role, not from the candidate side, but from the hiring manager side. What skills are you looking for to fulfill this role? What do you want to know about a candidate before you can be sure they are a good fit! Use this knowledge as the basis for your resume. Hiring managers look for keywords as they review resumes, so ensure that the skills you have are highlighted throughout your experience!I looked in our Talent Pool and saw a job you might be interested! should also look at jobs with Zapier and AssemblyAI as they are fully distributed companies!Last thing is that if you use the search function, you can find several people on Elpha who have offered their resume services! We have such a great community! Good luck and let me know if you need more help with the job search!
Thanks for the tips @HeatherZweig. These are very useful and helpful. I’ll be sure to use them
Thanks for the tag @teresaman. Looking to connect once I move
Hi @Kharis I'm Rachel, a Career Coach ( - If you're seeking help in your job search let me know! (i.e. strengthening personal branding materials, effectively networking, understanding the suggested balance of time to spend across the key 7 activities in your job search, setting weekly goals, measuring your progress & self-reflections, interview practice, the impact of clarifying your ideal pathway, and more). I'd be happy to chat on a free coaching call here --