Mid-Peninsula Elphas - IRL Meetup?

Hi Elphas!My new year's resolution is to put myself out there and meet people. I can't think of a better group of people to connect with than the ladies on Elpha! Why mid-peninsula? I don't live in the city and I imagine that many others are in the same boat. :)I'm good with one-on-one coffee hang outs, group meet ups - whatever works for you!
Yes! There are barely any events on the Peninsula compared to SF. Perhaps you could organize a meet-up in Palo Alto since that's fairly central/easy for folks to get to.
Palo Alto was definitely one of the top locations I was thinking of. Do you have any recommendations for meet up spots?
You could see if HanaHaus (coworking space) would let a group in - it's inside Blue Bottle in Palo Alto on University
Or perhaps Coupa Cafe
Yes! We definitely need more meetings mid-peninsula!
Absolutely! It's hard making the commute up, especially after work!
That sounds like a good idea. I rarely make it up to SF. How about Speciality's on Ellis in Mountain View? It's a large and right off 101, and an easy place to drop in.
Specialty's works for breakfast, lunch, or coffee - their hours are Mon-Fri 5:30am-6:30pm.
Thanks for suggestion, Judith! Do you know if they have experience hosting meet-ups? If not, I can stop by next week and ask in person. Or we can just keep it casual and sit outside. :)
I've hosted meetings there before, which is why they came to mind. If you don't do it right at lunch, they usually have plenty of space. I'd be happy to go early and reserve an area for the group, also.
I would be up for meeting somewhere in the peninsula! It is a great idea since with work and family it is pretty hard to go far for networking. Thanks for suggesting it!
Hi Natalie!! Fantastic idea. If Palo Alto, we should check out Verve - it's right by Caltrain and has beautiful outdoor seating. I've been actually working on a platform to help take online communities into the real world and engage 1-1! We employ a "concierge-esque" matching model, where based on your personalities and interests we can identify (with a high likelihood) someone you'd hit it off with. We started with location based matching but are moving to a location AND group model. By this I mean, you could choose to match only with people that are on Elpha. After matching, we recommend engaging topics of conversation to jumpstart something a lot deeper.What are your thoughts? Would you want to match with anybody, or people in existing groups? What are your concerns with both models? We recently launched our beta for the SF/Bay Area location. If you're interested you can download Gravitate on iOS or Android. To match only with Elphas, join the Elpha orbit by entering the code "ELPHA"I would love for feedback / thoughts / critique / etc. I love bringing people together offline and am hoping to make it easier.iOS: Android: