Referrals wanted for data-driven startup program

I just launched this Data-Driven Startup Program where my company is hooking up qualified startups with $10k in data software and services. This is a great opportunity to work with our data lead to fix data sync issues, setup data visualizations and automate reporting.

To qualify, a startup must have raised <$10M or employ <20 full-time employees. However if you know of a company in the ballpark of one of these requirements just DM me and I can refer them in!

---Program Details---

What startups get

  • 30 hours of data analyst consulting
  • 3 month subscription of Mozart Data

How startup customers use their analyst time

  • Write SQL to transform and clean data
  • Build new reports/visualizations (ie: marketing attribution, churn, net dollar retention)
  • Automate existing reporting (no more copy and pasting from CSVs)
  • Set up data integrations and pipelines for all SaaS tools, databases and spreadsheets
  • Prepare board decks and fundraising data rooms