Cold Start Problem: Building Community on Social Media for New Startup

Hi ladies!

I'm on the founding team of an early stage startup that's just starting to leave stealth mode. I don't have a marketing background, but am trying to help us get our social media channels (priority on Twitter) started.

Wondering if anyone here has experience building a community from scratch and can offer any advice/tips/best practices?

Thanks so much!

Tagging @dipishapatel as I think she may be thinking about something similar!
Thank you @teresaman for tagging me!
I work in Tech as well, and we are running a vibrant community. I would be happy to share tips, suggestions etc.
Thanks so much, would love to hear your insights! Will reach out over dm!
Hi @rebbeca203! I'm learning Twitter and this is the source I am referencing: If you have a target audience, then engaging with those can improve the engagement rate during the initial stages. From experience on other social platforms like LinkedIn, I can say that people are resonating more with stories and resources they can access at the time they need. Other ways to connect are by engaging on platforms like Elpha and Slack. Also, I'm hosting an event next week with a founder who has experience building community from scratch: Feel free to attend & share within your network too: this helps!
Thank you! Just registered for the talk!
Awesome! Looking forward to having you on :)