Putting together an Advisory Board

I am a new entrepreneur in the startup space. I have built a wellness platform where women like us are able to access health and wellness professionals in a fast and convenient manner. No more looking up the internet at 10pm (looking for experts that can help with your health issues so we can feel better and show up better for our family ) after our kids are in bed.

I am using this platform to reach out for help and support as I am not looking to put together an advisory board. This will be a non-paid role with a very minimum time commitment. We are looking for board members who can strategically guide us and help create an accessible ecosystem for women's health and wellness needs.



Hi Anshu, Thank you for posting this opportunity. I am a Product Manager and would love to help. You can see my profile here . Please do reach out :)
@magalipelissier, thank you for your interest in this role. I have sent you an email and I look forward to connecting with you.
Hi Anshu! I’d be interested in this opportunity and would love to know more. I worked in health and wellness for about 8 years before pivoting into HR through employee well-being. I’m currently on the board of a non-profit startup but I’m interested in providing support in the wellness space as well.
@kelijoboneymba, thank you for your interest in this role. I am excited and looking forward to connecting with you. My email address is [email protected]. What will be the best email address to reach you at?