Anyone part of any private member's club and do you think they're worth it?

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It is so great that you're being intentional about learning and growing your network! I've found private members club to be effective only when I'm clear about my intention, know someone I trust or respect in the group, and make the time to contribute to it. That said, you can probably be building on your existent network to form more meaningful relationships, before making a time + financial investment if you're wary of the "hassle". Here's are a few ideas - take what works for you: 1) Set up monthly or quarterly recurring calls with a handful of people you want to get to know better or possibly work with in the future. It can be as simple as, "hey, it's crazy keeping in touch these days, could we put something on the calendar just to check in and catch-up every few months?" These should be people you already have some familiarity or friendly interaction with, and can be a 1/2 hr to 50 min at the same time. I did this with a work colleague who was in a different department, and we called them our "dream sessions". Back when people met for lunch (smile), it was such a fun way to meet up and look forward to the end of the week.2) Do something you love outside of work and enjoy it! The most interesting people are interested, and you'll automatically have something shared to discuss. 3) Reach out regularly to those in your network with an article that you think they might enjoy, or text with useful information or leads. 4) Work on hackathons, side projects or volunteer for causes, and invite others along to get to know them better. 5) Be thoughtful about what you are looking to learn from those within your network, and ask for what you need from those you trust.
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Hello, I'm not part of a private members club (too expensive and I'm not sure it's worth it during Covid). Things I am involved in/know of in England/have been part of:* A woman of colour slack channel/Zoom meeting (set up recently)* Muslim Women Connect: * Shapr app: * University alumni networks/events? I've met some VERY interesting people through this. I would also just join twitter and follow interesting conversations - but also recommend (like @alicia19) having chats with people you find interesting. Best,Sadaf
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I've toured Allbright in Soho and the vibes were great - amazing community of female entrepreneurs, great space, fitness studio, cheap blowouts, etc. I did not join because I am waiting to hear from Soho House (prefer them only because of the numerous global locations), but if I don't hear back Allbright is my next choice. Definitely worth checking it out! P.s. Maybe we will connect there one day :)
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