Looking to interview people who do many contract work

I work at a woman-founded startup in the Bay area, building a training platform for the bustling gig work and sharing economy. Our platform is called CoDo.

We’ve talked to many B2B companies who hire gig workers, freelancers, contractors, hosts (homes, space, camper, boat, owners), caregivers, and so on. We’ve not yet talked to enough people who are doing the actual work on the front.

If you are a gig worker or doing side hustles of all kinds, please keep reading!

My team at CoDo is looking to speak with you about your experience working as a freelancer or gig worker.

Our research will be performed as a 30 min coffee chat virtually. We would like to learn:

· Your onboarding experience with a company or companies you are working for

· How it helped or not help your working experience

· Productivity and success in your role

It’ll be a quick & friendly 30min video call. As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a $25 coffee gift card after our meeting!

Would you be interested in participating in our user research?

Please send me a quick note at [email protected]

Thanks so much for reading!

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Oh this is right up my alley. Let me email you.
I am a consultant who bills hourly for specific type of tech work (Data Science/Machine Modeling, digital transformation etc). Just want to check, is this something of interest? You mentioned contractors and freelancers but not consultants, thus checking. DM me if my experience is relevant to you.
I sent you an email!