What if hiring for your startup was... not totally awful? Workshop in SF w/ Elpha discount!

Hey Elpha!I'm hosting a Bootcamp on startup hiring at the end of this month, and wanted to save some slots specifically for Elpha to support female founders. Startup Recruiting Bootcamp is a jam-packed 3-day experience with insights and startup-specific recruiting strategies that you won't find elsewhere.Bootcamp is run by me, former Head of People at Lever and now Startup Advisor (and prolific writer/Tweeter on all things startup hiring, along with my colleague AnnE, who helped scale Stripe for 3.5 years! We'll give you the real talk on what actually works for hiring, so you can avoid common traps and *actually focus on building your product and business.*So far, we have a mix of founders, recruiters, hiring managers, ops folks, VC people joining us. Hope you can too for our 2/25-27 San Francisco session!šŸ‘‰ www.startuprecruitingbootcamp.comMention "Elpha" in your application for $500 off discount, down from $2500. But if cost the is a blocker for anyone who wants to attend, please DM me so we can try to work something out! Our goal is to make good hiring education accessible to everyone who wants it :)