Seeking Insights: How Do Elphas Find Ideal Events & Communities?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been talking to moms, college students, and full-time remote workers who are often looking for good events that really match their needs and interests. I would love to hear from or speak with some people who:

1.) have experience hosting events and can share what that was like.

2.) have looked for events and/or faced challenges or any sort of trouble in finding and scheduling events.

3.) have a great or personalized process for discovering events and what your process is like.

Thanks so much in advance for your time!



Meet-up is a good spot to find remote events. I this organized online meetings can be hit or miss so you just have to try a few to see which community works for you.
Thank you for sharing @allisonk!! I'll definitely explore Meetup! Also, the audio adventure game you are building (Ohm's Quest) and your role in leading user testing sounds incredible! By any chance, would you have some time this month for a quick chat? I understand you are busy so no worries if not -- again, thank you for sharing!
Yes, sure thing!
Hi!1. I've planned and hosted over 500 events in my adult life (professional and personal). Last one I did was less than a week ago during Tech Week. It was great but planning a NY Tech Week event is a bit different than doing any other work event.2. not particularly - i find a lot of the options today to serve my needs3. Not really, mostly friends' recommendation and knowing what i'm looking and attending events dedicated to serve these specific needsoverall my take is the event space is very noisy with a lot of tools, apps, ways to plan events successfully, that i almost think we don't need more but less!
Wow @iynna hosting over 500 events is an incredible feat!! I love planning events myself and would love to learn from your experiences and expertise. Would you mind sharing how planning a NY Tech Week event is different from doing any other work event? I also saw that a lot of NY Tech Week events were featured either on Luma or Partiful, are there any particular software or apps that you use for planning your events? I understand you're busy — thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Really appreciate your insights! :)
Aw thank you, I love planning them too :) (clearly) Absolutely! - planning for tech week: so the entire week is filled with events, so as an event org you're "competing against" hundreds of others. People rsvp to everything in the hope of getting admitted somewhere and from there will pick the best option, as a result you don't know how many people will actually show up. To give you some stats, I got 1000 signups to mine, but wanted to get 110 people, so I knew there was a 50% to 70% dropoff rate, so I admitted a little over 300 people and ended up having 150 people there. As you can see, it's a gamble.there are other best practices that are spec to tech week but won't go into those details. - I have used everything under the sun (eventbrite, splash, luma, partiful, paperless post etc) I love Luma, paperlesspost, i like eventbrite, i hate partiful (dont need to get text notifications, it's too much).And re tech week, yes a16z which hosts tech week asks organisers to host their events on Luma
@vivienyin - I'm a 1, 2, AND 3! I'd love to connect and share what insight feels helpful. Feel free to reach out.
@marieofvenus Thank you so much! Just sent you a DM! :)
I used to run events before freelancing as a B2B SaaS content marketer for mar- and salestech companies. 😁1.) Hosting events.... is stressful. My biggest challenges are driving paid registrations and negotiating with vendors.2.) Little to no trouble for this!3.) A mix. Word-of-mouth, email newsletters, and Instagram. Instagram Ads are weirdly accurate. I've found events and products relevant to my needs.
Hi @priscillatan, thank you so much for sharing! Would you be open to a quick 15-20 min chat about your experience with hosting events? If you’re not available, that’s completely okay— really appreciate your insights! Thanks again! :)