Looking for a New Job

I am a product designer over 4 years of experience but was laid off from a job after one month of joining the company. I have been actively looking for a new role since but it has been difficult even proceeding to the interview stage. I am currently based in Africa and looking for either remote roles or roles that will require me to migrate. I have tried reaching out to recruiters on linkedin but its hasn't been helpful since I mostly don't receive any reply. How would you advise I go around it and also if there is any recruiter or hiring manager here, I will appreciate if you can help.

hello, i want to share my job board list with you: imho, looking for a job is like selling. you need to send lots of CVs, enen hundreds to receive 10% of replies from this 10%, only <5% will end up inviting you to interviewhopefully, you will find a job soon