Beta Launch for leveraging your network for your next opportunity

Hi everyone!

I've been doing an alpha for the past month and have placed a candidate and am looking to launch beta soon.

The best job opportunity comes from a friend of a friend who needs a job done, but the truth is we don't utilize this channel enough because it's hard to ask & it's hard to refer. You have to know both parties, know if they are compatible, and if they are available at the right time.

✨ Peer2Peer aims to take that hassle away by letting you keep a vouch list and then auto-matching you to the next opportunity.

🤓 See how we've helped Bowei find his next job with Imbue.

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Congrats on launching! "the truth is we don't utilize this channel enough" --> as in we don't ask our 2nd degree connection enough for help?!
Yes exactly, but I’d say that outreach should be more targeted and refined. There’s no where you can do that today—ie how do you actually know if your network saw your message? Even if they want to help, where is there a dedicated space for them to refer back to?