Switch your job: Save Democracyhttps://all-hands.us

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This is awesome, thank you for sharing this resource!!
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Glad it's helpful! Please do share it in groups / slack channels where it would be most relevant for job seekers looking to have an impact ahead of the 2020 election. Thanks!
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Interesting! I'm curious how this works - are the jobs paid? Is it expected that people quit their current jobs, work in one of these jobs through the election, and then get back on the job market after the election?
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Hi Sarah - yes, all of the jobs are paid. Most of them are full-time, long-term jobs that go beyond Election Day. However, there are some roles that are part-time through the election only that we can connect folks with. I'd strongly encourage you to apply / share with folks if it's a fit and we'll match make you with orgs that are looking for strong talent.