Survey on Umbrellas - less than 2 minutes!

Hi all! At Dri, we're building a line of durable, chic and eco-friendly rain umbrellas made from recycled ocean plastic to protect our oceans and actually keep you dry. It's incredibly important to us that these are built for you, so please help us by completing this SHORT survey. Also, please let us know what we do for for you in the comments section!
Done :)
Thank you Laura! What can I do for you and your business/career?
May I sent a connection request to you on LinkedIn, so that if you're a shared connection at any companies I'm interested in, you can introduce me?
+When you hire Product at Dri ;)
Thank you so much @MonishaSurana! How can I help you??
@DeirdreHoranThank you so much for the offer, really awaiting the amazing beautiful umbrellas.I can help you if anything is related to tech in terms of graphics designing, website/mobile application development. Let me know if you need anything, would be happy to help you :)
Thank you so much! I'm working towards building out my social media right now, so I will definitely keep you in mind <3
Done! As somebody who hates umbrella I am rather curious to see the launch ! :-)
Thank you so much for completing Iyanna! You certainly aren't the only one who hates them! That's why there are so many more "what would prevent you from buying..." versus "what would prompt you to buy...." hahaha! Is there anything I can do to help you?
That was easy!
Thank you!
Done. :)
Thank you so much Lara! This is so helpful. Is there anything I can do to help you??
No problem. If you have houseplants or a garden I'd love your feedback, but no worries otherwise (just for a class project).
Done @DeirdreHoran! Can't wait to see your umbrellas. Love this concept.
Thank you so much @lisastory! Is there anything I can do to help you??